Business Name: Quarrystone
Business Contact Email: customerservice@quarrystone.net

What is Quarrystone?

Quarrystone is a thermal-set acrylic modified cast polymer. It is made up of resin, ATH & color dyes & pigments. It is manufactured by Quarrystone LLC, a “micro-pour” located in Oshkosh, WI. Quarrystone offers many stock colors and an unlimited potential for custom colors ready to send to the homeowner/interior designer at a moment’s notice. Quarrystone specializes in creating new colors and achieving new desired looks for the residential & commercial design sectors.

Why Choose Quarrystone?

The evolution of “QuarryStone” was a culmination of the result of major improvements in the raw materials used in the cast polymer industry.

One major step was to address the problem of heat resistance. The oldest, most popular brand solid surface is an acrylic “thermal-plastic” that was designed to be mass produced in an extrusion process. Benefits of this patented manufacturing process were the amount of volume that could be achieved in a short period of time and also the ability to reheat the product in order to reshape it (thermal-forming). However, the tradeoff was a lower heat resistance which was considered quite borderline for normal kitchen standards. QuarryStone uses an acrylic-modified polyester resin that can withstand heat well past temperatures frequently used in the average kitchen. The tradeoff for us is that we cannot readily reheat “QuarryStone” in order to reshape it. However, this results in relatively few warranty calls as a result of heat damage.

Many satisfied “QuarryStone” customers have said that the product looks and feels more like natural stone than solid surface. This is the result of state-of-the-art proprietary resin formulations along with solid surface formulations which incorporate the best percentages of the highest quality fillers & granule chips available on the market today.

“QuarryStone” boasts quite literally an infinite number of colors and effects that are only limited by the imagination of the interior designer (professional or amateur). If a desired look or color isn’t in the sample box, a simple call to our toll free number (1-800-632-2525) will result in a satisfied customer.

Business Address: 4750 County Road A, Oshkosh, WI
ZIP Code: 54901
Phone Number: 920-235-1099