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Oshkosh Heating & Air


You can handle cold temperatures, but you should always be comfortable inside your home or business. When you need a high-quality heating system that'll keep you warm no matter how much the temperature drops, Oshkosh Heating & Air, LLC is the best HVAC contractor for the job. Our owner and furnace replacement specialist, Grant Schultz, has more than 20 years of experience to utilize in your residential heating project. So whether you need an entirely new system or a simple repair, you've found the right team for the job. You shouldn't have to go bankrupt  to have a heater that works. You could potentially save money when you take advantage of our available discounts as well as our verycompetitive prices. Our fully licensed, bonded and insured company is here to make sure everything runs smoothly and that you wind up with a comfortable home.

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 Your heating system is in professional, reliable hands:

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Phone: 920-216-1616
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920 S Main St, Oshkosh, WI 54902, USA