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If you are wondering if solar is right for you or have been contemplating a project for some time, you've come to the right place.  We can help design and install a system that meets your needs.

What We Do

Design & Install Solar Electric Systems

Grid Tied / Grid Tied with Battery Backup
Off Grid
Roof, Ground, Pole Mount Installations
Residential or Commercial

We offer turn-key solar electric installations. We take care of all permitting and utility paperwork and will help you complete the applicable reward forms. Our installations come with a 5-year installation warranty.
Every system is designed to meet the customer's specific project needs.  We understand that every customer's situation is unique and standard on-line kits cannot be guaranteed to have everything that is needed for a project.
Free quotes are available within a 20-mile radius.


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31 Bellevue Place Appleton, WI
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