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October 24-27, 2019

It’s an opportunity to meet some of the area’s best builders, along with their product and service providers to learn how a home was designed, what materials and techniques were chosen and why, and what went into the construction. It allows the general public to walk through showcase houses and gather ideas for your dream home or provide great examples of what is possible in the world of remodeling.

Advance tickets on sale starting October 11th  -  Ticket cost $10

Pick up your tickets at any of the locations below & get 2 tickets for the price of 1.
Tickets can be purchased at:
Appleton - Van Vreede's, Home Interior Flooring
Oshkosh - Van Vreede's, FloorQuest, Fox Valley Saving Bank, and Habitat Restore.



Parade Craze LogoDownload the FREE Parade Craze App to get information on homes, and driving directions!

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 What will visitors see?

Parade homes are ready to show off the latest colors, tiles, window treatments, exterior designs, floor plans and furniture trends to admire. And of course the moldings, doors, state of the art appliances, decking, insulation, home heating, home financing options etc.  Information on just about every detail on the homes is available to make your own house a showcase home!

2019 WHBA Parade of Homes Guidelines 

PLAN AHEAD. Several days before you go on your home tour, plan your route. Depending on your point of origin.   Look at the map and directions on the website. 

Remember the hours are Thursday/Fridays 5pm-8pm, and Saturday/Sunday from 11am-4pm. 

If you have younger children, pack lunches and water bottles  for in the car, or plan ahead to enjoy some restaurants along the way!

PARKING.  Most Parade homes require that you park on the street in the neighborhood. A few may have designated parking areas. Be courteous of the neighborhood and observe all city/township parking and speed regulations. Lock your car and valuables.

THE HOMES. Please keep in mind, these are new constructed homes the builder is either planning to sell or it's a custom built home. Treat them as you would like a visitor to treat your own home.

Wear easy to slide  on and off shoes,  as shoes are to be removed and booties are required  before entering each of the homes.  

PHOTOS? Please NO photos.

RESTROOMS. Parade homes do NOT offer public restrooms. So, plan accordingly.

FOOD. There are no concessions at the homes so plan to stop for breakfast, lunch or dinner at local restaurants during your tour of Parade homes. Please NO food or beverages in the homes.

KNOW THE PARADE TIMES.  You don’t have to see all homes in one day. The Parade of Homes dates and times:

October 24-27 
           Thursday/Friday 5pm-8pm

          Saturday/Sunday from 11am-4pm.

HAVE FUN! Enjoy this years’ Fall Parade of Homes!

For questions about the Parade of Homes located in Winnebago & Outagamie Counties, 
please call 920-235-2962 or visit our website at: whba.net