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Hallman Lindsay
Address: 437 N Washburn St, Oshkosh, WI
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If you were to peek inside hallman/lindsay Paints for a day, we think you’d see that we try to let our mission and core values guide how we do business every day.
Our Mission
Our mission is to partner with our customers to achieve a positive outcome for each painting project by providing high quality products, superior business support and a caring staff.
Our Values
As a company, our five core values are:

Humility. We humbly strive to serve you well.
Passion. We are passionate about our products and our industry.
Unity. We work as one strong and united body.
Servanthood. We actively participate in every community we serve, striving to improve the quality of life for each person in that community.
Thankfulness. We are thankful for you and work diligently to establish relationships of trust, cooperation and mutual respect for each customer.

These values are listed on the walls of each of our stores. What do they really mean? They mean simply that we care. We are a small business and our values are what truly set us apart.

Phone Number: 920-233-8779