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WHBA-WBA-NAHB 3-in-1 Membership

An Investment in Your Business

Professionals join the WHBA for several reasons:
To grow their business
To be seen among the best in their profession
To have a strong voice in legislative/regulatory matters affecting their business
To become better educated on codes, technical issues, safety, business management, employee relations and more
To gain better exposure to the public
To save time and improve their bottom line
To gain exposure to the public (through the WHBA Member directory)
To receive positive press and marketing through our events, publications, and newsletters
To participate in networking opportunities at State, Local and National membership meetings, at Special events such as the WHBA Spring Mayhem Home Show, golf outing tournament, Whitetails Banquet, and others
To attain professional designations and business training
To receive state code updates
To benefit from lobbying on behalf of your trade at both State and National levels
To gain exposure to the latest building products and services through publications and seminars
To be eligible for discounts on services and products through WBA Rebate Program, WHBA Member Rebate Program, and NAHB programs
To receive professional recognition in the community, state and throughout the nation

Membership is not a cost

Membership is an investment that pays you back many times over and offers Value, Credibility, and Resources for success in business.


Once filled out please email [email protected] to inform us of your submission.

Type of Members

Builder Membership

Builder Members must be actively building and/or remodeling, be a general contractor or developer for at least (12) months immediately prior to the date of application and show proof of current contractor certification. Any firm, or individual in the business of building or remodeling homes, apartments, schools, commercial, industrial, or other structures, which subscribes to the Code of Ethics of the Association shall be eligible to be a Builder Member. WHBA Builder members include small, moderate and large volume builders and remodelers.

Associate Membership

Any firm or individual, including an employee of a firm, who is either engaged in a trade, industry, or profession related to the building industry and not inconsistent with the objectives of the Association or who is interested in the advancement of the building industry, who subscribes to the Code of Ethics of the Association, shall be eligible to be an Associate Member. Associate Members represent a broad spectrum of professionals, subcontractors, wholesale dealers, developers, suppliers, etc. Associate Members provide products and services such as flooring, heating, appliances, landscaping, kitchen design, furniture, interior design and many others.

Affiliate Membership

As a member of this organization, you will have many opportunities to build both personal and business-related relationships with other professionals working throughout the construction industry. Events such as our monthly General Membership Meetings, state and national conventions, and committee involvement will provide you with an opportunity to communicate with and learn from people with similar goals of business and personal success.

Membership in this organization also provides community exposure for you and your business. The general members and governing body of this organization are continually trying to promote builders and construction related businesses as a respected segment of our community.

WHBA will also provide ways for your business to be recognized in the community through events such as the Parade of Homes and Home Shows. Additionally, WHBA offers affordable, effective advertising opportunities through our website and event publications.

WHBA-WBA-NAHB 3-in-1 Membership

Membership in the Winnegamie Home Builders Association (WHBA) is the single greatest investment you can make in your business because WHBA is affiliated with the Wisconsin Home Builders Association (WBA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

WHBA brings together the major players in the Winnebago & Outagamie Counties housing industry. Throughout the year, WHBA promotes the importance of the industry working to ensure that housing stays top-of-mind with elected representatives and policy makers, the media, and the community. With an eye to the future, WHBA helps members make their businesses more efficient, effective, and profitable.

When you join WHBA, you automatically become a member of the Wisconsin Builders Association (WBA).

The primary mission of WBA is to lobby the Wisconsin Legislature regarding housing and construction issues. WBA also works on our behalf every day to streamline the regulatory process and to keep costly, unnecessary requirements out of the state building code.

Member services include:
Weekly industry updates publication, Action News
Subscription to Badger Builder magazine
Savings and Discounts from the Vendors of Choice program
For more information visit WBA's website

Your membership extends all the way to Washington, D.C. When you join WHBA, you also automatically become a member of the National Association of Home Builders.

NAHB represents the more than 160,000 members from nearly 800 local associations across the country. NAHB works to educate government leaders and the public about housing issues, helps to create sound housing policy, keep housing a national priority, and enhance the climate for the building industry. Through NAHB, we have unparalleled access to elected officials and policy leaders, and a voice at the tables where our industry’s future is shaped. For more information visit NAHB's website


Once filled out please email [email protected] to inform us of your submission.