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Mission Since beginning in 1963, Water-Right's mission has focused extensively on treating problem water. That mission has continually driven the Water-Right team to think beyond conventional materials and equipment. As a result, Water-Right has secured a reputation as an innovative and dynamic manufacturer of highly effective water treatment solutions – solutions to which no other manufacturer in the industry can compare. Media One of Water-Right's most unique solutions has been the use of Crystal-Right™ media, a silica crystal that outperforms resin media for removal of hardness, iron and manganese in just a single pass. In addition, these irregular-shaped crystals effectively balance pH levels of acidic water. With the patented Crystal-Right media being produced by sister subsidiary, Mineral-Right®, the exclusive use of this unique media remains under Water-Right's control. Innovation Water-Right has introduced many unique water treatment solutions over the years, but none more popular and innovative than the Evolve Series. Using an in-line chlorine generator, these systems produce free chlorine from brine to remove iron and sulfur bacteria from the media bed with every regeneration. Crystal-Right™ media helps make it all possible – unlike plastic resin, the crystalline media is impervious to chlorine and backwashes clean in less time at greater flow rates. Resources Our corporate headquarters, located in Appleton, Wisconsin, is also home to our dedicated manufacturing operation. From our 40,000 sq ft facility, Water-Right supports a nationwide network of wholesalers, distributors and water treatment professionals, including a growing international dealer base.

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