Appleton Solar
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Solar Electric Systems
Power from the sun... where the fuel is always free

Convert the sun's light into usable electricity for your home or business

Reduce your monthly
utility bills

Provide power in places where utility power is not available or consistent

What We Do

Design & Install Solar Electric Systems

Grid Tied / Grid Tied with Battery Backup
Off Grid
Roof, Ground, Pole Mount Installations
Residential or Commercial

We offer turn-key solar electric installations. We take care of all permitting and utility paperwork and will help you complete the applicable reward forms. Our installations come with a 5 year installation warranty.

Every system is designed to meet the customer's specific project needs.  We understand that every customer's situation is unique and standard on-line kits cannot be guaranteed to have everything that is needed for a project.

We are members of the Home Builders Association of the Fox Cities and have participated in past HBA parades (Parade of Homes).

Free quotes are available within a 20 mile radius.
Please contact us if you are interested in a quote.

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31 Bellevue Place Appleton WI
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eFree Advisors
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Working in partnership with builders, eFree Advisors analyzes specific home plans to identify the energy investments that provide the best return and thus optimize your home for energy efficiency and build cost. To save the most on your combined energy bill plus mortgage payment, should you invest in more attic insulation? Better windows? Solar or geothermal? eFree Homes can answer these questions with fact-based modeling using the SmartSpend System. The end product is the most energy efficient home for the dollar spent and the lowest combination of mortgage payment plus energy bills from day one. Whether you're building a large home or a small home, have a big budget or a tight budget, you can rest assured that with eFree's help, you're new home will be perfectly optimized for energy efficiency. Reduced energy bills AND reduced build cost.

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W299S5774 Windcrest Drive, Waukesha WI
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