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I’m Kelly Thebo, channel for the Collective, as I affectionately call them.  They are a collective of like-minded beings from star nations, and archangels, who have come together to be guides, mentors, and teachers during this critical time upon our planet.

They have channeled that they reside in various dimensions up to the 12th and are working as a collective in order to model for us who we really are and how best to function within the 5th dimensional energy that the Earth now travels in.  They have not given themselves a name, as some channeled entities do, because it is their desire to set an example for us.  We are each divine beings in our own right, but we too function as a collective consciousness and may set a deliberate path for our lives and our planet, in cooperation with one another, if we so choose – just as the Collective is here to teach and model.

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W6569 Rickey Lane, Greenville WI
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